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About eCubation



eCubation was established in mid 2010 due to one man’s love of innovation, entrepreneurship and his lifelong dream to provide a fully comprehensive Online Incubation Service, internationally, to emerging innovative Startups, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, and existing small to medium sized enterprises.

eCubation now employs a small team of international experts across a wide range of sectors and has an ever-expanding diverse range of clients and projects in a variety of different areas.

eCubation is currently the most comprehensive Online eBusiness Incubation Service available on the internet today!


eCubation provide the best and most complete online Business incubation service available, in a location independent manner that is directly involved in helping to start, develop and grow any business idea from inception to successful profitable trading within a very short timeframe.


eCubation’s main objectives are to:

Create an innovative eBusiness which best represents the Client’s products, services and/or advertisements available to the respective target market

Incubate all departments of a Client’s eBusiness within the six month Incubation programme, where it will then be:

  1. Successfully trading its products and/or services online
  2. Generating income from multiple online revenue streams
  3. Targeting a specific customer market and catering to that market
  4. Building a growing subscriber list and potential customer base.

Your online business is a living, breathing online presence, constantly evolving to meet the objectives of your organisation. It is the driving force behind the delivery of information and providing customer services to target your audience. It is a dynamic medium that takes time and energy to create and maintain. It is a resource that requires a skilled partner to understand and satisfy your expectations. Our experience is dedicated to providing our clients with dynamic and intelligent technological solutions that help those clients to deliver enhanced services to their customers.

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