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eCubation – A Completely Unique Online Business Incubator

Evolution of The Online Business Incubator

Evolution of The Online Business Incubator

It is difficult for entrepreneurs, small business owners, small to medium sized businesses and new startups to find an online business incubator which can demonstrate that the business incubation process can operate successfully in an online format for  any potential businesses. Business support services are fragmented, making business start-up progress difficult, time-consuming and costly. This is where business incubators offer assistance. In its generic sense, the term ‘business incubator’ is often used to describe a wide range of organisations that in one way or another, help entrepreneurs develop their ideas from inception through to commercialisation and the launching of a new enterprise. The value that eCubation offers through its online business incubator programme lies in the implementation of the 1,000 business specific services on behalf of the business being incubated. Physical business incubators make a significant contribution to job and wealth creation but are usually restricted and limited by their location, the support, advice and mentoring on offer. Western Europe and North America make up the majority of business incubators worldwide. eCubation’s online business incubator can offer and implement a more tailored, innovative offering to any potential new or existing business based anywhere in the world.

Online Business Incubator Benefits and Features

eCubation’s online business incubator service adds value by accelerating the start-up of new online businesses and helps to maximise their growth potential in a way that is impossible for alternative SME support structures to achieve. Generic business incubators have to pass on the high overheads associated with running a physical business incubator to their clients. The number of new businesses which can be incubated is limited depending on the amount of physical space available. The quality of the mentoring, advice and support of offer is dependent on the business incubator’s staff and associated network resources.
Based on the fact that eCubation’s online business incubator has the most innovative and comprehensive service offering available on the internet, operates in a market which is stable, substantial and competitively limited (according to average Google monthly searches related to this market), it’s easy to understand how eCubation’s online business incubator service offering would be  essential to any business  wanting to avail of the most innovative online business incubator solutions.

eCubation’s online business incubator programme implements its innovative services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on behalf of its clients, who are based internationally. The advantages of availing of these services are quickly realised in the form of lower development costs for the business, location independence for the client and a more complete business development solution so that the business can concentrate on their business’s product/service offering. The 1,000 business specific services on offer are incomparable online. Within a 6 month time-frame, any international business will see its business developed to a commercially profitable and  competitive level.

Since eCubation is an online business incubator, it receives its custom and revenue online,  a large portion of which is derived from search engines. Search engines are one of the largest traffic sources in the world and are extremely high-quality as there are more people searching online for business related advice, support services and products than ever before. It’s continuing to grow at an exponential rate.

Why Choose an Online Business Incubator?

So now that it is established that eCubation, as an online business incubator is:

  1. An innovative market leader: The online business incubator services offered by eCubation are unmatched online
  2. A comprehensive service offering: Has the most comprehensive set of online business incubator services currently available on the internet which eCubation implements on behalf of the client
  3. Location independent: Is location independent as it’s an online business incubator service so helps its clients to remain location independent
  4. A high return on investment: eCubation the highest ROI (due to its low cost, high quality and short time-frame) of any other online business incubator service on the internet today.


Could you or someone you know benefit from these market offerings?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or manage a small to medium size enterprise and want the help of an online business incubator to build a successful business online then contact eCubation today for a FREE consultation!