Ecopreneur promotes green sustainable business ventures

Ecopreneur desires a purposeful profit



An Ecopreneur is an ecological entrepreneur who capitalises on green business opportunities for profit and to benefit the planet, the people on this planet and to have a positive purposeful impact. An entrepreneur can be focused on ecologically-friendly issues, causes and attempts to do business in a way which benefits the environment. Sustainable business leaders and ecopreneurs embrace and adapt to the dynamic changes, both in the natural world and the global marketplace.

The 4 P’s of business for an Ecopreneur

The ecopreneur understands that environmental challenges can be addressed through the development of environmental products and services that provide both business opportunity and environmentally sustainable options. He or she is able to utilise green issues as a competitive advantage for their venture through energy and resource maximisation, waste reduction, utilisation and respect of ecosystem services as well as an understanding of the Natural Step Principles, among other means.

Planet: Sustainability and enhancement or restoration of natural resources
People: Considering communities and future generations
Purpose: Passion and meaningful fulfilment through work
Profit: Return on environment – does business in a way which benefits the environment

Examples of Ecopreneur Solutions

An ecopreneur aims to utilise the products and processes that contribute to sustainable development. Some of the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements in the form of Ecopreneur driven products and services are:

Ecopreneur Products

  1. Solar powered geysers
  2. Water conservation systems
  3. Compostable packaging

Ecopreneur Services

  1. Reduction in solid and liquid waste
  2. Reuse of industry waste as enterprise raw material
  3. Sustainability of raw materials

Characteristics of an Ecopreneur

  • Community, environmental and social issues drive their focus
  • They focus their life pursuits on helping others or restoring, enhancing or preserving the environment
  • They aim to achieve balance in life, seeking quality of life that doesn’t adversely impact the Earth or exploit people
  • They will readily try new ideas, explore new ways of doing things or adopt new practices or use new products or services that reflect their eco-friendly values
  • They are mindfully aware of the direct and indirect human impact on the environment
  • They are socially as well as environmentally responsible, which means being actively engaged in green and sustainable business ventures

The bottom line is that ecopreneurs want to make a difference for the planet, for the environment (locally and globally), for all inhabitants and all communities. He or she generates revenues to run their business based on their passion to make the world a better place.

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