Hobbypreneur turns their paassion to profit

A Hobbypreneur transforms hobbies and interests into small business


Passions to Profits

A hobbypreneur is someone who has a “day job” that they actually enjoy, but also loves working in a innovative field that just happens to earn them extra money in their spare time. Different people spend their free time doing different things but usually on things that they are passionate about. These passion-driven hobbyists breed many of tomorrow’s small businesses. This hobbypreneur is leading an ever increasing generation of  entrepreneurs who increasingly take the step to turn their passion into profit.

Craft-based Hobbypreneur

The Hobbypreneur may have its origins in the “maker” movement. This type of craft-based hobbypreneur essentially makes things. They will create, tweak and innovate to design ingenious things in their garages, basements and backyards. Their techniques are sometimes tradition-rich; more often, they cleverly combine digital technology and tools with traditional methods to build practical and not-so-practical products. These craft-based hobbypreneurs are part of the new do-it-yourself movement of makers, digital tinkerers, green advocates and others looking to move beyond mass-produced goods. The passionate amateur craft-based hobbypreneur is focused on inventing and making. The typical hobbypreneur increasingly creates new products and build small businesses based on the innovative use of technology, processes and business models.

Reasons to be a Hobbypreneur

Almost all of the small craft-based businesses start out as hobbies. Many hobbypreneurs bring their products to various fairs, trade shows, hobby clubs and various forms of educational institutions to test the market for their product-based business idea. The majority of all hobbypreneur makers use the internet and inevitably websites to connect with potential customers. These operate as solo practitioners, partners in collaborative ventures or businesses with a handful of employees. Many of the social, demographic, economic and technological trends lead craft based hobbypreneurs to start part and full-time small businesses. Motivational reasons to be a hobbypreneur include:

  1. Easier and cheaper to make things: With advanced computer controlled production, computer-aided design tools, production and distribution outsourcing, there’s no limit to what a hobbypreneur can achieve.
  2. Easier and cheaper to start and run a niche business: Leveraging online services , products along with internet marketing techniques allows hobbypreneurs to compete in any marketplace online.
  3. Hobby networks enable and empower hobbypreneurs: The growing number of social networks, niche sites and forums provide the resources and information needed for production development or business operation.
  4. Economy driving the need to niche hobbypreneur businesses: Niche and part-time businesses are the best employment option for many in the recession hit economy.
  5. Babyboomers turning passions into niche businesses: Baby-boomers are more eager to try new things and pursue passions and interests they ignored during their corporate careers.
  6. Growing demand for tailored, customised goods: Small and personal businesses, such as those offered by a hobbypreneur, are best positioned to meet demand for customised products.


The characteristics of a Hobbypreneur

Some people spend their free time on sports, entertainment, travelling, education, fashion, gaming, health and wellbeing whereas the typical hobbypreneur writes books, starts rock bands, launches blogs or trades their products/services online. Examples of these creative and innovative are individuals are:

  1. Artists: A hobbypreneur who is involved in activities related to creating art, practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art
  2. Crafter: This hobbypreneur has skill or experience in the manual arts such as jewellery making, dress making etc.
  3. Writer: This type of hobbypreneur produces literary content, such as stories, poetry, music, literary art and books.
  4. Artisan: Usually a highly-skilled manual worker who handmakes items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including food, furniture, clothing, jewellery, household items and tools.


A hobbypreneur is inspired by the unique convergence of technology along with economic and geographic trends. Hobbypreneurs will continue to grow in numbers and influence, creating new niche products and markets. These frugal, tech-savvy, green-oriented, out-of-the-box thinkers are creating new business methods, models and processes. The successful hobbypreneur who combines their passion for a particular hobby or craft with pragmatic business smarts to create new revenue streams for themselves and their families, is the envy of their corporate employed peers.

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