Indiepreneur rewrites entrepreneur fundamentals

What is an Indiepreneur?



An indiepreneur is a combination of the word ‘indie’ which is the shortform of independence and ‘entrepreneur’. An indiepreneur is essentially a small business owner who eschews corporate institutions in favor of business principles influence by craft production and do-it-yourself ideology. An indiepreneur is in the category of a very small business (VSB) which are those small to medium sized businesses with a very limited number of employees and or financial turnover. This definition varies depending on the region.

Examples of what constitutes a typical Indiepreneur

  1. Artist: fine arts made by an indiepreneur who is independent of commercial fine arts establishments
  2. Designer: Independent artisans who custom make or craft specific products
  3. Film Producer: These are typically low budget film self-financed by a small studio
  4. Literature: These are books published outside of mainstream publishing.
  5. Publisher: Books or magazine publishers whose publications appeal to small, niche audiences and are typically not distributed widely
  6. Games: Games published outside of mainstream means
  7. Drinks: These constitute drinks made by small privately run companies and/or even microbreweries
  8. Video game developers: Games created without financial backing from large companies
  9. Record label: This is a record label that operates without major corporate funding
  10. Music Producer: This is a subculture of music that is independent of major producers.

Creative talent + Commercial awareness = Indiepreneur

An indiepreneur is a pioneer entrepreneur who works predominantly outside the mainstream to found target niche(s) that they can sustain a livelihood from. He or she will have a strong mission statement that includes joy and fun among its core values. The origins of this new breed of entrepreneur who promotes a DIY attitude with a hippy viewpoint. This was set into full throttle by the emergence of a mass market catering to the tastes of people with an affection for street art, computers, rock nā€™ roll and personalized t-shirts, to name but a few. These boutique style businesses run by Indiepreneurs aim to constantly evolve, change and keep renewing designs, ideas and direction.. The reason this individual will keep changing is mainly to stay unique and fresh. It is also an attempt to avoid competition so no one can follow his or her innovative rhythm.

What does it mean to be an Indiepreneur?

Being or becoming an indiepreneur is a relatively new concept, being an outgrowth of the punk/DIY ethic which doesn’t really get much coverage in traditional business literature. They tend to focus on more mainstream business concepts/models. Similarly, an indiepreneur isn’t a different type of freelancer either. Although the fundamental concepts of small business apply to this person, it’s not about finding a market niche and filling that niche. It is more a personal artistic focus as opposed to a market driven approach.

Indiepreneurs specialize in giving passionate personal creative expression to their independent businesses. This is not recognised or appreciated by all who encounter it. So although some indiepreneurial cultures will clash with others and some indiepreneurial artists will encounter resistance due to their unique perspective and outlook, being an indiepreneur is definitely a refreshing change to lighten up the hum-drum world of entrepreneurs.

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