Intrepreneur is the ultimate employee

Intrepreneur as the corporate innovator


The Intrepreneur

An intrepreneur is a corporate employee who fulfills the entrepreneurial role inside a large organisation. It is he/she, who spearheads the conversion of ideas into realities inside an organisation. The word “intrepreneur” is a play on the word “entrepreneur”, highlighting the fact that an intrepreneur is an internal corporate entrepreneur. It is mainly  large corporations who typically employ individuals with entrepreneurial traits or who at least think and act as internal entrepreneurs to the benefit of the company as a whole.

An Intrepreneur versus an Entrepreneur

  • The intrepreneur acts within the confines of an existing organisation.
  • He/she requires the support and/or permission of the corporation before attempting to create a desired future
  • In practice, an intrepreneur is more inclined to act first and ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission before acting on behalf of the organisation.
  • He/she is also typically the intra-organisational revolutionary – challenging the status quo and fighting to change the system from within.
  • An intrepreneur may seek out the organisational slack or fat, and co-opt it into intrepreneurial ventures.

What makes a savvy Intrepreneur?

A savvy intrepreneur:

  • Takes a good idea and makes it better
  • Steps out of the comfort zone of corporate security, to insure he/she creates additional income which at least matches their take home pay
  • Works overtime helping to run someone else’s business for the company’s future.
  • Runs themselves like a business putting in 1 hour a day of overtime for their own financial future.
  • Develops a career and remains focused while maintaining their position within the organisation.
  • Has corporate conviction, passion and drive to do, be or have something more than what already exists for the corporate employee.
  • Spends time making new opportunities (for themselves) within large enterprises, where they didn’t previously exist.

Benefits of being an Intrepreneur

  1. New graduates may find that an intrepreneurship is just what they need to discover first hand all the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.
  2. Employment as an intrepreneur prior to trying a hand at entrepreneurship is a great way to get your foot into the entrepreneurial door.
  3. Being employed as an intrepreneur within an organisation that seeks the dynamism of forward thinking employees helps to hone the entrepreneurial skill set and frame of mind.
  4. Being an intrepreneur allows an individual to focus on innovation and creativity and to transform a dream or an idea into a profitable venture within the organisational environment.
  5. The intrepreneur needs to receive support and resources in order to succeed, hence he/she is very influential internally and has a lot of clout.
  6. An intrepreneur typically finds a ready source of “free” resources within the organisation which can be applied to the opportunity being exploited.

Although being an intrepreneur does have its limitations with respect to still within an organisational boundaries and corporate guidelines, it can serve as a springboard to bigger and better things. It may also be the best way to test new ventures, innovations or ideas, practically risk free.

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