Kidpreneur information and advice

Kidpreneur = Young Entrepreneur



Kidpreneurs are the young generation of entrepreneurs-  kid with dreams and some drive. All kids should be given the chance to be equipped with the basic tools and strategies which can be used to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing and growing a successful business venture. It’s never too young for anyone to learn the art of entrepreneurship. It is in the mind of the entrepreneur that is most readily equipped to deal with the difficulties of tomorrow and navigate through the ever changing terrain of modern life. Kidpreneurs must be taught (by example) to think on their feet and be ready for whatever comes their way. These kidpreneurs who are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, should know how to roll with the punches and pull the best from every situation. It is the entrepreneurial mind that helped build every country and it’s the same mind, nurtured within the kidpreneur, that will continue to multiply its potential. Each kidpreneur is part of the new world of entrepreneurship.

How to best nurture the Kidpreneur

A kipreneur should have the often difficult concepts of business broken down into bite sized basics that any child can easily understand. A typical kidpreneur has endless power of possibility placed into their hands. The benefits of early introduction of entrepreneurship are substantial. All children share the inalienable right to become financially independent, whether rich or poor,from a city or village. Today’s kidpreneurs are tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders- shaping and influencing many lives and industries. A kid who has a passion for something that they are great at, is essentially a kidpreneur without the resources and plan to capitalise on his/her talents.

Kidpreneur Resources

Essentially, a kidpreneur will need help in making the transition from “I like to do something” to “I want to service other people, help them and make some money doing it”. The skills and expertise that a typical kidpreneur possesses would permeate through their school work, their social interactivity with peers and throughout all aspects of their life. To do this, they will inevitably need some form of guidance, support and resources. For all budding kidpreneurs, they can go online and get guidance at:

  1. Yound entrepreneur organisation and blog
  2. Community of connectors, coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs to help people find their next great opportunity.
  3. Where successful entrepreneurs reveal their secrets to ambitious upstarts and startups.
  4. Where kidpreneur can learn and connect with successful entrepreneurs
  5. One of the best sites for serious young commercial and social entrepreneurs.


A kidpreneur already has the potential to bring business ideas but perhaps needs a reality check on the skills, values and habits that will make them successful if they pursue the entrepreneurial path. A kidpreneur needs to know the basics, from finding customers to turning a profit, to writing a mission statement, to marketing on the Internet. Starting, developing and running a business is tough at any age and the devil is in the details. However, it is a fact that kidpreneurs can literally save the world. Along with future generations of young people, who not only have the skills to chart their own course in the business world, but also give employment to their less-motivated peers. This should be promoted.

Some kids know what the want to be when they grow up and some don’t. Some kids’ talents are obvious and other kids’ talents seem to be hidden or aren’t fostered in the correct way. Different job careers need different skills. The majority of the time people end up doing something completely different than what they thought they’d be doing as kids, sometimes through circumstances and other times through necessity. Most of the time, it’s simply because they didn’t have a plan to help realise their dreams. Any budding kidpreneur should be encouraged to be the innovative opportunists whose traits they possess. All kidpreneurs aren’t short of dreams, energy and enthusiasm so if these can be harnessed in the right way, every kidpreneur can reach their life goals.

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