FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who or what is eCubation.com?

Answer: eCubation creates, incubates and develops business for new start-ups or existing offline businesses. eCubation basically takes care of the complete online side of any business for a minimum of 6 months with the option for the client to extend the service thereafter!

Question: Why should I sign up with eCubation.com?

Answer: Uniquely, eCubation is the first online business incubation service of its kind in Ireland! It leverages on the experience and skilled knowledge of its experts to help, support, advise and develop a successful online business for you. It completely takes care of all aspects of business development for you while consulting and involving you at every stage.

Question: What can eCubation do for me?

Answer: eCubation can build your online business for you, taking all the hassle of each of the technical and business related aspects off your hands! eCubation will consult with you as progress is being made and will advise you, as necessary, each step of the way. All online tasks related to the eBusiness- be they technical or business related- are completely taken care of by eCubation’s professional service. In this way, you, the Client grow your business faster, generate multiple income revenue streams, make more people aware of the service and/or product you provide and help cater directly to more of your target market.

Question: As a small business or new start-up, what is the potential for my business with eCubation.com?

Answer: Unlimited! eCubation works alongside the world’s leading internet marketers, developers, designers and business professionals and therefore has unparalleled access to systems and resources that give online business priority in order to fast track its success. We market you locally, nationally and worldwide.

Question: How long does the eCubation programme last?

Answer: Initially eCubation requires you to sign-up for a minimum of six months, giving you optimal exposure to fast track your online business’ success and an easy option to renew at the end of the six month online business incubation phase!

Question: How do I apply to join the eCubation programme?

Answer: Simply click on the button below, review and agree to the the eCubation Terms & Conditions, decide on your preferred Payment option and make the payment!