PM – Project Management:

1. Shared document online that tracks the progress of your eBusiness Incubation
2. Monthly email updates with optional monthly meetings
3. Technical and Business Support via Email and Phone

IT – Information Technology:

1. Website Build & Graphic Design
2. Domain Name Registration – (.ie & .com)
3. eBusiness Hosting
4. eBusiness Analytics
5. eBusiness Email Addresses
6. eBusiness Commerce store
7. Integration of Social Media on the Site

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation,  SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Monetisation – eBusiness Revenue Streams

1.    Integration of 5 most popular Social Media Resources
2.    Marketing Products/Services across Social Media Platforms
3.    Online Branding/Marketing of your Product/Service
4.    Online Traffic generation
5.    Discussion of over 150 methods to generate online revenue from your eBusiness

Sales & eBusiness Development

1.    Ongoing Sales Lead Development & Validation
2.    Ongoing Click-through Sales Conversion Work
3.    Build a subscriber/customer list

PR – Public Relations

1.    Social Media Releases to PR Professionals and Journalists
2.    Provide a comprehensive list of all reporters in your area on Social Media
3.    Ability to pitch to a distribution list of PR Professionals and Reporters
4.    Setup of Online Monitoring System of terms & phrases mentioned online related to your industry

CS – Client Services

1.    Response to Customer enquiries within 24 hours
2.    Compilation of feedback from customers to the Client

R&D – Research & Development

1.    Informational Content Updates related to Product/Service
2.    Informational eBook products provided (relevant to your niche)
3.    Daily informational updates on specific product/services niche
4.    Online Feedback regarding your Product/Service